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A message from  the Steering Group Chairman, Ken Gort

Goodrich and Welsh Bicknor Joint Parish Council at their meeting on Thursday 5 July considered the latest version of the NDP submitted to them by the Steering Group.

The latest version (known as the Regulation 15 Plan) contains the changes made to the draft NDP after consideration of the responses received by the Steering Group in the course of the Regulation 14 public consultation process held in March/April 2018.

The changes made have been modest – mainly clarifying points and ensuring the correct terminology has been used.

I’m pleased to be able to report that the Parish Council approved the updated Regulation 15 plan unanimously.    The NDP Steering Group are grateful for the support they have received from the Parish Council throughout the long NDP process.

There are still a number of stages to be completed before the NDP is formally adopted: –

  • Herefordshire Council have to finalise the Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Regulations Assessment taking into account any changes made for the Regulation 15 version of the Plan.
  • An Independent Examiner has to review the NDP and conduct a further consultation stage (Regulation 16).
  • Finally, when those stages have been completed a postal referendum of electors in the Parish will be conducted.

The final stage is expected to be completed in the Autumn. In the meantime the plan will need to be referred  to by both Parish and County Councils, when considering any future planning decisions

We will continue keep you informed of any developments and  if you have any questions on the NDP please contact any member of the Steering Group and we will do our best to answer you queries.

Ken Gort

Chairman Goodrich and Welsh Bicknor NDP Steering Group

The relevant documents are

The Plan

Regulation 15 NDP approved by Parish Council

The representations made concerning the content of the previous Reg 14 plan that was released for comment and the Steering Group’s responses

Reg 15 – Reg 14 Representations Public and Statutory

A summary of significant changes made to the Regulation 14 draft as a result of these representations is also given below.

Schedule of Alterations