Welcome to the Home of the Goodrich & Welsh Bicknor Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Here you will be able to find all minutes, documents, events and contact details for the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.



‘The Parish Council at an extra-ordinary meeting on Thursday 11 January approved a draft version of the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) to go forward for public consultation.    Before the six-week public consultation period begins it is necessary for Herefordshire Council to produce a Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA) and a Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) on the impact of the NDP.   Herefordshire Council anticipate the SEA and HRA will be available in early February and the consultation period will commence shortly after that.

 The draft NDP will be available on our website together with a response form.    The website address is: https://goodrichneighbourhoodplan.wordpress.com.   A paper copy of the draft NDP will be available in Ross on Wye Library together with response forms.   The completed response forms can be handed in to the counter staff at Ross on Wye Library.    Also completed response forms can be returned by electronically scanning and by post.

It is anticipated that paper copies of the draft NDP will also be available at other locations in the Parish.

 The Parish is required in the period 2011 to 2031 to accommodate a minimum of an additional 35 homes.    Since 2011, 18 houses have been built or have received planning consent in the Parish (15 of the houses in Cruse).   The draft NDP suggests the building of an additional 9 houses at Goodrich Cross and 21 houses opposite Dean Swift Close.    The 21 house sites opposite Dean Swift Close offer, in the view of the NDP Steering Group, the best opportunity for the development of smaller, lower cost and affordable housing in the Parish, as well as the opportunity to bring into use land that is not presently used.    The survey that was conducted March/April 2017 indicated this was the type of housing residents wished to see developed in the Parish.    All the information on the survey and other evidence for the plan is on our website: https://goodrichneighbourhoodplan.wordpress.com.

 The NDP Steering Group acknowledge that the number of houses planned exceeds the minimum required, but is of the view that the option presented offers the best balance between delivering lower cost and affordable housing in the Parish and improving the community environment by developing unused sites.’