Stage 4

Stage 4 – Writing policies and identifying projects, and undertaking in depth community consultation

Hold community events to present various development options (ensuring landowners are on board) and feedback results from the initial consultation event.

Draft survey questions, this should be informed by the previous evidence gathering carried out through building the evidence base and the initial questionnaire

Agree dates (distribution / close), distribution method, how to ensure completion of questionnaires.

Ensure the questionnaire is inclusive and accessible to all

Distribute and collect questionnaires.

Analyse questionnaire responses

Identify key themes and issues for your plan

Examine potential development options in context of baseline information and public opinion

Identify allocation sites for development

Identify buildings / areas worthy of protection

Consult and agree the preferred direction with landowners

Decide plan layout, format and design etc.

Draft planning policies and guidance.

Work with the Neighbourhood Planning team to undertake the Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitat Regulations Assessment, if required.

Consider mitigation measures to alleviate negative impacts and maximise positive outcomes.

Finalise draft planning policies.

Compile draft Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Check Conformity with the Local Plan and National Planning Policies – the Neighbourhood Planning team.

Check the plan in terms of equality and diversity.

Ensure all member of the community have had the opportunity to be involved  / engaged in the process.

This stage of the plan is underway.