Stage 3

Stage 3. – Information gathering – Getting to know your Neighbourhood Area and its context

Discussions with landowners and establish what interest there is from potential developers

Ongoing liaison with key stakeholders

Gather existing information, e.g. demographic and socio-economic information, designated / protected sites, views from the initial questionnaire and community events

Assess evidence base held by Herefordshire Council.

Assess the evidence gathered to identify gaps.

Establish what evidence is still required and where it may be sourced.

Undertake primary site surveys if required.

Source or produce additional evidence, if required, to support the policies within the plan.

Undertake mapping exercise – e.g infrastructure, trees and environmental elements, leisure facilities, shops, historical assets etc.

Undertake analysis of evidence.

Develop draft vision and aims for the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Review the National planning policies and Herefordshire Local Plan policies.

This stage of the plan is underway as at May 2017.