Stage 1

The Project Plan – Stage 1

Commenced July 2016
 Parish Council confirm decision to carry out a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) – Completed
 The NDP Steering Group is in place and it will confirm its constitution and terms of reference in August 2016.
 The NDP area will be registered with Herefordshire Council in August ’16 and subsequently designated.
 Hold initial consultations with Herefordshire Council’s Planning Support Officer.
 Hold initial consultations with three independent Planning Advisors, obtain quotes for tasks, appoint a Planning Advisor to support the NDP.
 A grant application will made to the Community Fund to cover anticipated costs and held in the PC bank account, all expenditure requires two signatories, the Chairman and one additional councillor.
 In September commence work on a dedicated website page to be available in October 2016.
 The full draft programme for the NDP will be confirmed by the Steering Group in September 2016.