Strategic Enironmental Assessment Report December 2016


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Link to the report on the Council website


This report has now been updated – refer to the Reg 14 Consultation Documentation

This report is provided by Hereford Council having consulted the NDP Team to cover the accuracy of local data.

The aim of the consultation process is to involve and engage with statutory consultees and other relevant bodies on the scope of the appraisal. In particular, it seeks to:

• Ensure the SEA is both comprehensive and sufficiently robust to support the Neighbourhood Development Plan during the later stages of full public consultation;

• Seek advice on the completeness of the plan review and baseline data and gain further information where appropriate;

• Seek advice on the suitability of key sustainability issues;

• Seek advice on the suitability of the sustainability objectives. Comments on this Scoping Report have been invited from the three consultation bodies as required by the SEA regulations, together with Natural Resources Wales. The three consultation bodies are as follows:

1. Natural England;

2. Historic England;

3. Environment Agency.


Link to the report on the Council website