Stage 5

Stage 5  – Testing and approving your Neighbourhood Development Plan – ensure the Plan works for the community

Consult on the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan with the community to ensure it is what they all want.  This consultation process should also show how the results from previous consultations have been used to tackle the issues.

Ensure all documents are prepared.

Consult with the key stakeholders and send a copy to Herefordshire Council.

Make any amendments necessary following pre-submission consultation.

Re-check against various assessments as necessary.

Re-check general conformity with Herefordshire’s Core Strategy.

Submit your Neighbourhood Development Plan to Herefordshire Council.  Ensure all documents are included.

Herefordshire Council will ensure all documents are present and it will be publicised for consultation.

Herefordshire Council will submit your Neighbourhood Development Plan for examination.

Examination dates arranged.

Review any modifications suggested by the Examiner.

Publicise any modifications (if necessary) with decision statement.

Referendum Date arranged.

The Plan will be ‘made’ (adopted) by Herefordshire Council if the referendum result is successful.

This stage is planned for Spring 2018.