Stage 1

Goodrich and Welsh Bicknor Parish Council Neighbourhood Development Plan

Commenced July 2016

  • Stage 1  – Getting Started  – Defining Neighbourhood Area  – Form Steering Group

    Parish Council meeting to discuss potential Neighbourhood Development Plan, e.g. process, ideas aspirations.

    Do pre-publicity/awareness raising with the parish residents – ensure they know what is being discussed.

    Define the Neighbourhood Area and complete the Neighbourhood Area application form and submit to Herefordshire Council.

    Herefordshire Council to formally advertise the Neighbourhood Area and Parish awaits Decision document.

    Await initial environmental assessment screening decision from Herefordshire Council.

    Identify volunteers from the local community and consider skills / knowledge / interests / representation of the Steering Group.

    Check for inclusivity and diversity in the makeup of the Steering Group.

    Set up the Steering Group and agree roles (Chair etc.) and Terms of Reference.

    Agree and set up process to ensure flow of information between Parish Council and Steering Group.

    Sign Service Level Agreement with Herefordshire Council.

    Populate and agree Project Plan and Budget Proforma.

    Ensure the aims and objectives of doing a Neighbourhood Development plan are clear/understood.

    This stage of the plan is completed.

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